Stuffed Toys Against Mankind - The Meanest Talking Stuffed Toys
Stuffed Toys Against Mankind - World's Meanest Talking Prank Toys!

Stuffed Toys Against Mankind - The Knocked Up Collection - The Funniest And Meanest Talking Stuffed Toys

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Ms. Onostotia Beaverhousen - Stuffed Toys Against Mankind

Have you ever had the dilemma of giving your best friend a gift that says something nice and sweet to your friends when they are about to have a baby, when you actually want to say something really snarky and mean? Of course, giving birth is a news to be rejoiced but where is the fun in giving a boring gift mug or a greetings card? And when you are invited to a baby shower for the parents-to-be, you want to feel as if your gift is the one that stands out because it is the least expected surprise that makes everyone laugh out loud.

Enter The Knocked Up Collection by Stuffed Toys Against Mankind - The meanest talking stuffed toys for grown ups. Don't get fooled by their innocent looks because these toys will deliver the nastiest and meanest joke lines at the press of a button to remind the recipients that no one ever truly loved giving birth. Especially for the father who had literally had nothing to do, except for planting his seed and then taking the rest of the nine months off. So let's get real and let S.T.A.M. do the talking and say the things you really wished you could say. 

Beware - the insults are nasty and mean. And they are meant to offend. So you want to give Stuffed Toys Against Mankind to someone that is not easily offended by funny and really mean one liner jokes. But for those thick-skinned friend of yours, this is the best party prank gift to give that is certain to make everyone laugh. So visit Stuffed Toys Against Mankind and choose your favorite character and go S.T.A.M. someone today. 

Happy STAM/ing!

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