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The Best Friend Prank Gift For Memorable Occasions

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The goal of Stuffed Toys Against Mankind is to make people laugh when they least expect it. Have you ever been to a wedding ceremony where all you could think of is grabbing the first available drink at the bar service? Or been to a birthday party where you wished you had the perfect gag gift for your best friend? Or to a baby-shower where you want to make fun of the soon to-be-parents what a monumental sized add-on to life they have inherited for themselves?

Enter Stuffed Toys Against Mankind to S.T.A.M. friends when they least expect it. Do not let these straight-talking toys fool ya' by their seemingly cute personas. Because as soon as one presses that "S.T.A.M. Me" button on the crotch of the stuffed toy, a nasty insult will be hurled at the recipient of the these little monsters. The insults are cringe worthy but are guaranteed to make the crowd laugh. And guess what? You have unanimously won the best gift award! 

Feel like being grumpy? Then choose Bonoloo Ben Dover to deliver his insults in his classy angry state. Or feel like being sarcastic? Then UK born and bred Napolean Sachs II will provide the best insults in his intelligence-filled aristocratic style. Or choose Onostotia Beaverhousen, the Romanian-born ruthless drama queen that will never let a fly pass by without her squashing it with her colorful language delivery.

Go check out and find out how you can help Stuffed Toys rise in the fight against Mankind.

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