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The Rise Of The Eminent Sixes

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Each had a story - individual journeys that would inspire millions to break free from the bondage of Mankind's chains of misery towards these lovable stuffy souls. No, they didn't make the local news, but their acts of bravery through laughable sarcasm certainly are a way to let them say the things you wish you could only say. Yes my friends, Bonoloo Ben Dover and his team of devilishly charming compadres that call themselves The Eminent Sixes will do exactly what they are meant to do - Pranking and Making Lives Miserable. And Destroying Relationships Since January 2018.

Who's Birthday Is Coming Up?

Want to give that friend a deserving dose of intellectual sarcasm pinched with reality? Napolean Sachs II will deliver the perfect punchlines in The Sad Birthday Collection. Originally born and bred in the United Kingdom, his aristocratic charisma and born-into-the-riches style were only meant to be the eye of envy of those that he surrounded himself with. Until one day, while going through an old family album, when he found that his real father was none other than Humpty, and his mother an Eastern bunny whore earning a living on the broken paths of Pebble Street. both of whom were killed by the king's horses. That's when Napolean decided to scheme his vengeance against Mankind and took fatefully met Bonoloo Ben Dover on That Night Of Jamalu. His taste for sarcasm-fueled with his deep Southern English accent is not only the best aphrodisiac in town but will also brighten up the poor soul's birthday upon which you seek to wedge in additional misery.

But don't worry, the rest of The Eminent Sixes got you covered too with their unique lines and insults to add more variety to this planet. Go S.T.A.M. someone on their birthday and make sure you shamelessly pick up the biggest slice of cake that your friend who honestly would have liked to take it home.

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Stay tuned until the stories of the remaining Eminent Sixes is revealed, along with a behind the scenes journey of how this idea was put together. 



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