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Bonoloo Ben Dover

Bonoloo Ben Dover


Bonoloo Origin Story

Hates Toilet Paper. And everything else.

Bonoloo grew up in Provo, Utah with the McBrewlight family and their 26 children under the influence of the Mormon Church. He was a sweet and cuddly teddy with a big furry heart that loved making green jello. He was in love with the McBrewlight family's middle child, Rosetta, and dreamed of having 26 children with her and making green jello for them for eternity. But sadly, Rosetta broke Bonoloo's big furry heart by marrying Jose Smith, a seasoned Mormon, whom she thought made better green jello than Bonoloo did.

Bonoloo was heart broken. He decided to leave the McBrewlight family and move to an amusement park near Los Angeles. He thought that since he was a sweet and cuddly teddy bear, everyone would love to have him and that he would easily be picked in an airgun booth. But as fate would have it, he waited hanging in the booth for months on a crowded wall full of other stuffed toys, continuing to eat dust. The last straw came when an airgun pellet ricocheted off the wall and pierced a hole through his crotch. Enraged, Bonoloo broke himself free and escaped. He patched his crotch hole with a ragged cloth to stop the bleeding of white, cushiony fluff. Bruised and battered, Bonoloo made it his mission to turn against mankind. But he needed help.

He then went on a search to find others like him. That Night of Jamalu was coming when all The Eminent Sixes would band together.

Bonoloo Ben Dover Personality
Always Angry. Dominating. Loyal. Critical. Intolerant. Dependable. Realistic. Unaccepting.

Nice people. Charmin toilet paper. Jose Smith.
Green jello spiked with Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum.